Corporate/Venture Intrapraneurship

Learn more about the corporate/venture entrepreneurship track speakers for e@nu 2014. Corporate entrepreneurship deals with innovation within a larger existing corporate setting. Topics can include intra-preneurship, innovation processes and incubation within the corporate setting. This conference track will also deal with the value of entrepreneurial skills in the corporate setting.

Morning Panel

Dean Banwart

Senior Director of Motorola Solutions' multimedia technology development

Dean BanwartDean Banwart is employed by Motorola Solutions Inc. with a focus on public safety communications.

Dean has held a variety of positions in MSI ranging from product design to advanced technology maturation to large-scale system architecture and design and has managed engineering teams in twelve different countries around the world.

In 1989, Dean created the system-level architecture and design practice within Motorola which is still used today, and in 1995 he founded an advanced technology and strategy team designed to de-risk new, critical technologies and accelerate them into production. 

Dean is currently the senior director of Motorola Solutions’ multimedia technology development organization which develops public safety applications commonly utilized in dispatch, emergency call intake, incident command, and real-time crime centers.  

Mike Maley

President & Chief Executive Officer at Hydro Green Energy

Mike MaleyMr. Maley has over 25 years of experience developing, designing, constructing and operating power generation facilities. He has developed or acquired more than $5 billion of electric generating assets and negotiated power purchase agreements in excess of $25 billion. Mr. Maley was most recently President and Chief Executive Officer of Perpetual Energy Systems, a solar energy company. He also served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Alliant Energy Generation, a subsidiary of Alliant Energy.

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Larry Pacey

Senior Vice President of Product Development, WMS Gaming

No Image AvailableMr. Pacey’s background is steeped in video games and interactive entertainment. For the past 13 years, Larry has led WMS’ global marketing and product strategy, with responsibility for the 800+ game development, engineering, advanced R&D, product management and marketing personnel.

During Mr. Pacey’s tenure, WMS’ revenue grew from $175 million in FY02 to $690 million in FY12…a compound annual growth rath of 14.7% per year. Prior to joining WMS in 2001, Larry was Executive Producer for Sega, Atari and n-Space.

Today he is the CEO and co-founder of Nuclear Division, a new mobile games venture.

Afternoon Panel

Doug Healy

Senior Manager at PepsiCo - Quaker Oats

Doug HealeyDouglas Healy is the Senior Manager of Consumer Insights and Strategy for the Quaker Foods Division of PepsiCo.  In his current role, Doug is the Insights lead for Quaker’s Innovation Architecture team whose primary focus is on creating united strategy behind cross-category Front End Innovation for all Quaker brands.  Within this team, he is responsible for developing strategic innovation frameworks to unlock new opportunities, understanding consumer needs and insights to drive communication development, as well as validating all new innovation and communication projects.

Doug is also the Co-Lead of Quaker’s Innovation Culture Team, whose primary role is to empower employees and foster a culture of innovation and creativity throughout the organization.

He is also a Co-Chair of the EQUAL Employee Resource Group, whose role it is to foster an environment of inclusiveness and educate employees about diversity in the organization, specifically how it relates to gay, bisexual, and transgendered co-workers.

Doug began his career in Consumer Insights at HealthFocus International.  Prior to Quaker, he worked for Barilla America.  

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Peggy Matson

Principal at Tech Strategies Group LLC

Peggy MatsonPeggy Matson is a recognized expert in technology strategy, engineering and innovation built from 30 years of broad industry experience, as well as an MS in electrical engineering and computer science and an MBA.  Peggy’s special interests include both leveraging bleeding edge technologies and market shifts to create non-linear value and sustainable advantage, as well as driving execution through directed innovation and decision-making across business and technology domains.  Peggy has four U.S. patents.

Peggy’s influence is extensive in both technology and business, including:

  • Setting Motorola Solutions’ technology priorities as Director of Technology Strategy, driving investments in next-gen as well as disruptive technologies (e.g. wireless broadband).
  • Creating and presenting to the FCC the pivotal technical argument to retain the D Block spectrum for U.S. public safety, which led to Congress’ reversal to auction.
  • Designing and leading Motorola’s 1st-ever cross-organization decision-making body, driving common architectures.

Peggy, as founder of Tech Strategies Group, now advises executives in government and business-to-business enterprises in creating and protecting tech-fueled, sustainable value that rings the cash register.  Peggy can be reached at  

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Chad Kartchner

Co-Founder of Nissan Motor Company - Marketing Innovation Lab

Chad Kartchner

Chad Kartchner studied design and innovation as a graduate student in Northwestern's MMM Program, where he also received his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. He designed and manages Nissan’s Marketing Innovation Lab in North America which connects Nissan’s marketing and media team to early stage technology startups to tests their products and services.

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