Conference Tracks

In addition to keynotes from leading entrepreneurs Ben Parr and Norbert Riedel, this year's conference will feature panels in four key emerging areas or entrepreneurship. The panels are designated under four tracks. Learn more about these tracks below.

Women in Entrepreneurship

According to Google for Entrepreneurs #40Forward, women-led tech companies achieve 35 percent higher return on investment and, when venture-backed, bring in 12 percent more revenue than male-owned tech companies. Yet women are still underrepresented in startup communities. Through our interactive panels, meet the women leading the charge in the Chicago startup community, from founders to women leading venture funds and angel investors. 

View biographies of the panelists featured in the Women in Entrepreneurship track>>

Corporate/Venture Intrapraneurship

Corporate entrepreneurship deals with innovation within a larger existing corporate setting. Topics can include intra-preneurship, innovation processes and incubation within the corporate setting. This conference track will also deal with the value of entrepreneurial skills in the corporate setting.

View biographies of the panelists featured in the Corporate/Venture Intrapraneurship track>>

Students/Researchers Becoming Entrepreneurs

View biographies of the panelists featured in the Students/Researchers Becoming Entrepreneurs track>>

Entrepreneurial Marketing

View biographies of the panelists featured in the Entrepreneurial Marketing track>>

Design Thinking

Design for America (DFA) is an award-winning national design initiative using design to make local and social impact. To DFA, design is about Human Centered Design. It’s a process for navigating complex challenges and uncovering where you can make a difference in people’s lives. Several steps of the process will be introduced in the workshop!